Ahura universe

Ahura is an act of love.

The Ahura Laboratory was created from the experience of three women united by their consideration in the antroposophycal field and in the professional research in the areas of bio-dynamic agriculture, phytotherapy and natural cosmetics. The Laboratory started its activity producing phytotherapic supplements extracted with the spagiric method. This phase was carried out by initiating a series of fruitful collaborations with natural medicine professionals – doctors, physiotherapists and wellbeing operators – people distinguished by an open attitude and the ability to harmonize the experience of the traditional European herbal medicine and homeopathy with the latest developments in the natural research field. The following phase, which led to the creation of professional cosmetic product lines of the highest quality, is realized as a coherent development of the phytotherapic and spagiric production, which gave rise to one of the strength points of the new productive bearing. Underpinning this transition there was in fact the confidence of obtaining the same quality reached in the internal use products also for cosmetics and skin care.

Our idea of a laboratory.

The heart of Ahura, the place where ideas take substance. Here, completely natural innovative formulations are born, obtained from the combination of spagyric and anthroposophical practice and the most modern bio-technologies.
We start from the research and selection of raw materials, which must be eco-certified and highly effective: we guarantee control of the supply chain and collaborate only with those suppliers who, like us, put ethical values above everything else.
We apply production technologies that reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, because we believe that every detail makes the difference.
Each Ahura formulation is distinguished by the very high percentage of Ecocert ingredients, essential oils as well as vitamins and new generation preservatives of exclusively vegetable origin.
We will never use parabens, SLE / SLES, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils, Peg, BHT, BHA or synthetic gelling agents.
When it's Ahura, three drops are enough.

An ethical company.

We purchase raw materials from the Fair Trade circuit, simply because it is right to guarantee those who produce a correct price, while at the same time ensuring the protection of the territory of origin.

Certified raw materials.

Ahura was born organic. From the single ingredient to the final product, Ahura's bio and ethical nature is certified by Cosmos, Demeter, Ecocert and Fairtrade.
We have set ourselves further standards in the selection of raw materials, now summarized in the Ahura Natura quality mark.

The Ahura logo.

It is inspired by the seal of Mercury, designed by Rudolf Steiner for the capitals of the great circular hall of the first Goetheanum of Dornach.
The name Ahura instead refers to Ahura Mazdao, supreme deity of Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia: Spirit who creates life, Breath of life.