Research and Development

The research and development department represents the creative area of the company, where original and innovative ideas take shape in the making of prototypes of exclusively natural cosmetic lines.

On the market for the last thirteen years, the Ahura Laboratory has always been devoted to the research and selection of eco certified raw materials and to the accurate evaluation of their efficacy. Particular attention has been focused on production technologies, adopted considering their possible environmental impact and the protection of the natural heritage.

The formulations are characterized by the extremely high percentage of ecocert and bio certified ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and new generation plant derived preservatives.

Parabens, SLE/SLES, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils, Peg, synthetic gelling agents, BHT and BHA are completely absent from any of the production processes.

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Third party production

The size of our laboratory and the flexibility of the production processes allow us to provide highly CUSTOMISED formulations.

Each production stage is carefully monitored and on every finished product batch, before packaging, a series of quality control tests are carried out by the laboratory, samples are sent to a qualified analysis centre for microbiological tests (among which the challenge test) and for the required analyses to evaluate skin compatibility (patch test) and ophthalmological tests.

For each cosmetic product we produce a dossier, where we report an evaluation of the product carried out by an expert and competent safety assessor, who certifies the compliance.

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