Dinderesso soaps' - Burkina Faso

These cosmetics are made in the Dinderessò village.
It's 5 years that the Kolon Kandya Italia Onlus association works here with the village assembly and it also started a laboratory for the production of
artisan soap and perfumed balms.
This activity represents a big hope for a better future for the entire community.
Moreover women are indispensable for the economic and social life, working inside and outside their homes.
Kolon Kandya association follows the womens training from the packaging and logistics techinques to the cosmetics certification, from the commercial negotiations to the marketing strategies.
All that has encouraged constant growth, without forgetting the first responsibility: the people.
Production times respect the thousand domestic commitments that the women of Dinderessò have to face every day.
Everything is done manually, with great enthusiasm and total participation.
The work is divided between two groups of women, the first deals with production, the second deals with packaging.