Coral Collection

Coral Collection

The Coral Line gives tone and support to the skin. Protects from dehydration effects.

Coral Mask-Toning

This gel mask, is an intensive treatment to oxygenate skin, reduce free- radical action, reshape the features, reactivate the synthesis of collagen, give firmness, elasticity and limit the formation of new wrinkles. The active complex of this mask stimulates particularly the synthesis of collagen formation, thanks to Corallina Officinalis and Menyhantes Trifoliata aquatic plants. Dermoclorella seaweed is a natural ingredient rich in protein, restores tone and firmness to the skin. The hyaluronic acid ensures the effect of hydration over time. The algae of this formula are derived from sustainable harvesting along the coast of Brittany, purified according to biological criteria.


Coral, Menyhantes and Dermoclorella seaweed, hyaluronic acidand collagen.


Apply the gelatin on face, neck and décolleté leave from 10 to 30 minutes, remove with tissues moistened with warm water and complete the treatment with Coral Serum and Cream.


50ml / 100ml