Massage Oils Collection

In Massage Oils Collection:

  • Cell Oil Cellulite
  • Dren Oil Draining
  • Flow Oil Activating
  • Dec Oil Eases Muscle Strain
  • Slim Oil Redicing
  • Relays Oil Relaxing
  • Restive Oil Elasticizing
  • Citrus Fruit Almond Oil Refreshing
  • Grape Seed Oil Fragrance Emotional

Citrus Fruit Almond Oil Refreshing

The combination of Sweet Almond oil with Citrus fruit essential oil from Sicily is fresh and harmonizing and makes it highly emollient, soothing and nourishing.


Olio di mandorle dolci, olio essenziale di arancio.


Apply on slightly damp skin and massage until completely absorbed.


100ml / 1000ml