Massage Oils Collection

In Massage Oils Collection:

  • Cell Oil Cellulite
  • Dren Oil Draining
  • Flow Oil Activating
  • Dec Oil Eases Muscle Strain
  • Slim Oil Redicing
  • Relays Oil Relaxing
  • Restive Oil Elasticizing
  • Citrus Fruit Almond Oil Refreshing
  • Grape Seed Oil Fragrance Emotional

Relays Oil Relaxing

This special oil relieves tension and calms mind and body. It soothes the skin under stress and relaxes the nerves giving a sense of quiet and calm.


Sweet Almond oil, Basil, Marjoram, sweet Orange and Lavender essential oil.


Apply after shower or bath on slightly moist skin till completely absorbed.


100ml / 1000ml