Ahura Alchemical Oils Collection

In Ahura Alchemical Oils Collection:

  • Organic Oil Extract-Cinnamon
  • Organic Oil Extract-Hypericum
  • Organic Oil Extract-Lavender
  • Organic Oil Extract-Arnica
  • Rosa Moschata Oil
  • Organic Baobab Oil
  • Organic Argan Oil

Organic Oil Extract-Lavender

It is produced through a maceration process, according to the rhythm of alchemy exposure sun and moon, of officinal lavender in extra-virgin biodynamic olive oil, Demeter trademark registered. It is recommended as a massage oil for all skin types, for calming and soothing properties of lavender in addition to moisturizing and emollient properties of extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil. The officinal Lavender is biodynamically grown in Lacona-Elba Island, on the land of the Widar foundation. Ideal as after shower or after sun oil.


Lavender flowers, Demeter organic Oive oil and Sweet Almond oil.


Apply on clean skin, massaging gently till complete absorption.


100ml / 1000ml