Thalassa Collection

Thalassa Collection

The Thalassa Line represents a complete and articulated programme for the wellbeing of the body, which is freed from toxins and invigorated.

Termal Adbomen Mud

This mud is extracted from old deposits on the hills of Reichenau-Austria. Valued for its healing properties this peat is commonly used in clinic hydrotherapy. Organic components, trace elements and metals compose its major properties. It is rich in plant-essential oils with carminative properties and in plant extracts, including Phyllacantha, which reduces triglyceride composition of adipocytes. The alga Phyllacantha is ectracted from sustainable harvesting along the coast of Brittany purified according to biological criteria.


Reichenau mud, Phyllacantha, Fucus, Arnica, Pilosella, essential oils: Chamomile, Fennel, Cumin.


Apply on body, wrap with plastic coating warming with heating blanket, leave on about 30 minutes, rinse and apply Phyllacanta